Monday sourdough

…the first made with my new starter culture, now ~3 weeks old.

Monday sourdough

Lacking the equipment to make a proper scientific measurement of the ingredients, I just combined flour, water and salt in roughly the right proportions. 8 hour preferment with 1/3 of the flour, dough mixed and proved for 4 hours, shaped, and retarded in the fridge overnight.

The crumb is denser than one might prefer, probably due to the starter still being somewhat young and underpowered. It could have risen for another hour or two.

But the flavour is promising, and the crust is good: caramelised, brittle, shattering.


Oxford is slowly filling up with returning students; having finished my degree, I’ll be leaving at the end of the week.

Oxford from St. Mary's Tower


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  1. Yum!! How come I didn’t get to taste some? I was still around…

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