About me

I recently graduated from Oxford with an MSc in Biology, and have since moved back to Canada to pursue science communication. My interests include evolution, running, and naturally leavened bread. Follow me on Twitter @michaelholcombe.


One response to “About me

  1. moss allison

    Hi Michael – I was sheltering from the rain outside a restauant (that shall remain nameless) near Borough Market in London yesterday morning. As I waited, the back door opened and the Baker for V…….came out for a cigarette. We struck up a conversation and I asked him for any tips on making a sourdough culture…He said that he preferred to use banana water as the initiating sugar. Then he said (with charming Italian accent) …I don’t want to be rude, but I once made sourdough culture from Cow Shit…I gaped and said YOU’RE JOKING !!!And he said No I don’t joke..It works very well… He went on to explain that one uses the dung that has become almost like soil from lying on the ground in the sun and rain. So it still has bacteria in it but has been cleansed of the more obvious manifestaions of being excreted by a cow. Hmmmm…So there you have it …a real story about making bread from Cow Manure.

    Ps. The baker made it very clear that the bread he made from cow dung was for personal consumption only and was not baked in his professional capacity.

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